Volkswagen has a well-earned reputation as one of the best, most innovative providers in its field. It prides itself on doing things differently from its competitors – the company claims true differentiation as a unique operation.

Nexus has supported Volkswagen Group Leasing, Volkswagen Finance’s contract hire and fleet leasing arm, since 2009. Here, we are a dual branded rental partner, with Volkswagen Group Leasing customers fully aware of our involvement and our ability to provide any vehicle, anytime, anywhere with real-time management reporting. There are 100 car and small commercial vehicle rentals a month on average, typically for interim supply.

We handle account management for 70 Volkswagen Group Leasing customers, including most of the UK’s NHS trusts, supporting them with our industry leading online booking software. Our close relationship makes the partnership as much about Volkswagen Group Leasing’s customer growth and retention as anything else; we ensure that it derives the maximum benefit of every rental pound spent.

As the fleet and corporate leasing arm of Volkswagen Finances, it is in an enviable position (being the finance house for Volkswagen Group, the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer) and so has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise that is valuable to its customers.

As well as providing the full range of Volkswagen Group vehicles, including Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT and SKODA, it can also source other brands of car and light commercial vehicles, even the more unusual marques at the right price.

Volkswagen Group Leasing’s finely tuned range of products and services means that funding is only one of the many strings to its bow:

  • Daily rental – with an efficient online booking service, customers can get the vehicle they want, when they want it.
  • Mini-lease – cheaper than daily rental without the long-term commitment of contract hire.
  • Fleet management – managing all fleet management requirements, whatever the vehicle numbers.
  • Accident management – instant help for companies and their drivers in the event of any bumps and scrapes.
  • Duty of care – specially designed duty of care packages work hard to ensure any possible risk to customer fleets is managed and reduced.

Nexus is involved in all these areas, as well as supporting Volkswagen Group Leasing’s public sector portfolio. For many publicly funded organisations a fleet of vehicles is crucial for the delivery of frontline services to the community; with growing pressure to make cuts and meet targets, efficient fleet management is now more important than ever.

Through our well-engineered packages, backed up by advanced technologies, Volkswagen Group Leasing’s clients have learned to trust us to minimise vehicle costs and make management and administration easier.

Volkswagen Group Leasing has a bespoke version of Nexus’ sophisticated fleet management system for its exact needs including leasing vehicles, in-house fleet administration, driving licence checks, compliance with insurance requirements and MOT management.

In particular, we have recently set up a software-supported car pool scheme for Volkswagen Group Leasing customers. As car-sharing becomes more popular, this type of arrangement has been adopted by more of our customers. Indeed, at Volkswagen Group Leasing’s own Milton Keynes head office, our technology is used to manage a pool of electric cars instead of employees using their own vehicles for short-distance ‘hops’ – going to lunch, taking clients out or attending meetings. The system was developed collaboratively with Volkswagen Financial Services.

Our service is a very personal one, which enhances Volkswagen Group Leasing’s customer support. Each Volkswagen Group Leasing client has the same dedicated Account Manager for consistency and relationship building, who calls them monthly and holds meetings where necessary then reports back to Volkswagen in the same way an in-house resource would.

We also provide training for Volkswagen Group Leasing staff/customers on rentals, and our rental booking software, IRIS, with no conflict of interest, as we have a strict non-predatory policy with customers.

Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet Supplier Manager, Marc Hackland, said: “One of the main reasons Nexus is our partner of choice is the vehicle availability. With 2,000 rental locations throughout the UK, this partner gives us and our customers access to half a million vehicles within agreed SLAs. Nobody else has that coverage or volume of vehicles at their disposal.

“Unlike a traditional rental provider, Nexus handles all damage disputes and onward customer account management, ensuring we deliver high customer service standards. With the inclusion of the IRIS system, both Volkswagen Group Leasing and our customers benefit from rental intelligence, vehicle choice and insightful management information all in one complete place.”

Volkswagen Group Leasing is committed to customer satisfaction and we are constantly looking to enhance the services we provide to our customers. By exploring options for extending the services we provide through software upgrades to the existing systems we ensure we deliver market leading customer propositions.