With more than half of adults reporting that their mental health has gotten worse during the lockdown, and a quarter of adults who tried to access support were unable to, here at Nexus we have recognised that the pandemic at large has had a profound effect on mental health.

That’s why we have launched our first Virtual Wellbeing Programme.


Supporting Employees during the Pandemic

Our Virtual Wellbeing Programme further formalises our existing welfare initiatives and provides a supportive platform for our staff. This will run alongside our ongoing mental health drive which aimed to combat issues such as loneliness, isolation and stress, all associated with working from home in this unprecedented climate.

We have trained a team of in-house mental health first aiders to support staff’s wellbeing on a one-to-one level. They form the Wellbeing Committee within our formalised Wellbeing Programme.


The Wellbeing Programme

November is Men’s Mental Health and Stress Awareness Month, so the committee will be sharing informative and supportive materials and talks and focusing on building awareness of domestic violence.

The programme also includes initiatives such as the Nexus Virtual Canteen; an open Zoom session where staff can go on their lunch hour every Friday and catch up with colleagues like they would in the office. Physical team challenges are on the cards too, with step competitions to encourage employees to get away from their desks, get some fresh air and look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our CEO David Brennan has said: “In these challenging times it’s more important than ever to pull together as one team and look after each other, especially with a prolonged working from home period through the winter ahead. The introduction of the Nexus Virtual Wellbeing Programme and our internal Wellbeing Champions comes at a time when we all need that extra support and feeling of togetherness.

“Over the coming months, we’re looking forward to uniting as a team to share advice and tips and take part in individual and team challenges, virtual socials, charity activities, and lots more – all aimed at supporting good mental health inside and outside of work. We’ve had great feedback from colleagues so far and this won’t stop post-pandemic, it’s something we are committed to continuing in the long-term.”


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