Multi-million pound credit hire and claims management provider, Auxillis, has had a partnership with Nexus since January 2007, working with us to manage both its core fleet of 12,500 cars and highly varied vehicle requirements for their clients.




Part of AIM-listed, £527 million turnover Redde plc, which specialises in accident management support, legal services, fleet management and policy fulfilment services, Auxillis is a major UK provider of replacement vehicles and repair management to motorists involved in accidents.


With over 25 years of industry experience, expertise and unrivalled breadth of capability the company offers partial and fully outsourced services to business partners.


Its focus is on a marrying of enabling technologies, highly trained personnel and sophisticated processes to deliver consistently high delivery thresholds. Customers enjoy an invaluable, dedicated and convenient resource that ensures they remain mobile in often difficult and complex circumstances.


Auxillis’ core functions include the provision of credit hire and credit repair funding, alongside the management of and access to a comprehensive fleet of hire vehicles. Private motorists not involved in accidents can also arrange daily rentals.


Working to such high standards and pointing to an impressive range of specialist services for corporate and fleet operators, private hire and reward companies and individual motorists alike, reputation is vital. As such, the company needed a partner that operated on a national scale and could support its commitments to comprehensive vehicle replacement choices every single time.


With 27 locations nationwide, Auxillis’ fleet, including 1,800 prestige cars sports, prestige marques and specialist vehicles, are a frequent rental requirement. Nexus has an unrivalled and geographically spread range, which assists Auxillis with the challenge of dealing with a diverse and widely spread customer base.


Nexus works with Auxillis in two ways. Firstly, as a supplier, sourcing specialist vehicles to supplement Auxillis’ owned fleet and secondly, through its rental booking software, which Auxillis uses to manage both its core fleet and the vehicles it rents through Nexus, ensuring consistency across its rental operation.


Auxillis UK rental operations manager, Patric Riley, said: “We value the instant availability of any car we want and where we want it, and the ease of administration and cost savings that this brings, but what impresses us most is the fact that Nexus has tweaked and adapted its offer to our every individual requirement – going further than other providers can or would.


“For example, Nexus provides a special service to Auxillis whereby we can request a vehicle is reserved and made available for us for up to three days while we check our client’s documentation. This is provided by special arrangement and is not commonplace in the rental sector.


“We also work closely with the senior management team at Nexus to ensure the system is delivering what we need. This close relationship with the team, together with the unparalleled levels of service we experience, the geographical coverage and comprehensive supply of vehicle rental are all reasons why we choose Nexus.”


Find out more about Auxillis here


Find out more about Auxillis here