Choosing a company car is an important decision for both companies and their employees to consider. With a wealth of information available covering the topic, it can be difficult to know where to start to get the best car for you or your business. The company car market accounts for a large percentage of new car hires in the UK, but which are the most popular?


If you’re an individual requiring a company car as part of your benefits package, the cost of running the vehicle including fuel efficiency and tax are going to be high on your list of priorities when deciding on your company car. For businesses, from those managing large fleets down to SME’s with fewer company cars, the costs are equally an important factor as is the image the vehicle projects for your business.


We’ve produced a new infographic illustrating the top 5 company cars available to you to help the decision-making process easier. The top 5 are based on hire numbers in 2017, with stats provided by next green car and parkers. We hope that this provides a simple way for you to understand every aspect of the options you’re considering, giving you the knowledge you need to choose the right company car.


To help you decide which car is the best option for you, we’ve included an overview of each vehicle, as well as the BIK value, list price and Co2 emissions.


Five of the UK