Nexus Vehicle Rental, the UK’s leading tech driven business mobility provider, has launched the latest in its Glovebox Guide series to provide drivers with advice on how to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest regulation and laws of the road.

The guide follows the announcement of four new driving laws implemented by the British government in September 2022. New regulations mean that mobile phone usage of any kind whilst driving is illegal – this includes changing music and inputting satnav locations while on the move.

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), 70,000 drivers in the UK currently have points on their license for CU80 offences (using a mobile phone while driving), and so far in 2022, Brits have paid £2.2m in fines.

The Glovebox Guide also outlines what drivers need to know about changes to rules surrounding transporting goods into the EU, the legal requirement for speed limiters to be fitted in all new car models as well as updated regulation around low emission zones with an increasing number of ULEZ being implemented across the UK, to curb dangerous levels of air pollution in city centres.

Nexus’ award-winning rental booking platform, IRIS, automatically settles any fines for customers that are incurred whilst they are driving a rental vehicle booked through Nexus. This is done immediately to ensure the fine doesn’t increase and then invoiced back to the customer.

To protect drivers from getting caught out by these new laws, businesses should provide drivers with a full brief of the rules and additional training to help them adapt to these changes.

Yvonne Palmer, Operations Director at Nexus Vehicle Rental, said: “In addition to carrying out additional refresher training, we would advise that all businesses check with their selected insurance companies that their policies are also updated in line with the new rules – helping to further minimise the risk to drivers.

“Looking beyond 2022, we will also see a new hierarchy system implemented for road users, which dictates that all responsibility falls to the driver of the larger vehicle. In light of Brake’s Road Safety Week this week, we felt it was a good time to release the latest in our Glovebox Guide series, providing drivers with a reminder  of the new rules and ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest changes”

Nexus uses its industry expertise to produce advice-led guides for customers and business drivers to download via its website and store in their vehicles. The series has featured tips on:

  • Private Parking Fines
  • HGV Operations
  • Winter Safety
  • Driving Down Fleet Costs
  • Driver Safety
  • Avoiding Fines
  • Avoiding ULEZ Fines

To download a copy of any Guide in the series, visit: