Helping Village Hotels

March 3, 2016 4:55 pm

Village Hotel Club has carved out a distinctive place in the UK hospitality sector, with an informal style for their guests, diners and gym members. It has built up a strong following for town and city centre breaks, with most of their 28 nationwide locations placed for easy access to both a major city centre and scenic countryside.

Village Hotels uses Nexus for hiring cars which are used for travel to training courses and meetings, as company vehicles for new arrivals, or when theirs are being serviced or repaired.

Nexus has designed a package geared at meeting the differing needs of the various locations that Village Hotel Club have. There is one centrally administered account for tracking, with each hotel having an individual account for their bookings. This managed through the Nexus online management software.

Pam Fitzgerald, Group Purchasing Director at Village Hotel Club said: “The Nexus service is ideal for us. Not only can we get any car we want at any hotel within an hour, the management technology allows us to meet important operational considerations. ”

“Because we are a multi-site operation, we need rigorous purchasing control and monitoring. With the online system, we can see which hotels are spending on what and where at the touch of a button -if any data gives us a cause for concern or prompts a few tips on cost savings or other financial efficiencies, we will ‘have a word’ with managers. Everyone accepts the online system as a useful tool to bring down overheads and raise margins.”


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