At Nexus we work with many partners, implementing our unique technology to their mobility journeys.

Our advice to maintain safe rental operations during the COVID-19 pandemic

With stricter measures introduced to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, all organisations are adapting to new ways of working to...

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Are Smart Motorways Dangerous?

  Smart motorways have been all over the news recently, with 38 deaths in the last five years bringing them...

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The End of Traditionally Fuelled Cars?

The impending transition to an electric motoring landscape has been on the horizon for years. However, the increased conversation surrounding...

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10 of Our Favourite Car Ads from the Last 20 Years

We’re celebrating 20 years of Nexus this month, so we thought we’d share with you our favourite car adverts from...

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Choosing Pickup Trucks Ideal for The UK’s Roads

  Far from the out and out, no-frills work horses of the past, manufacturers of modern pickups have identified the...

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Sony Aims to Lower Cost of Autonomous Vehicle Technology

  It wasn’t long ago that the idea of self-driving vehicles seemed like a concept that only featured in science...

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