At Nexus we work with many partners, implementing our unique technology to their mobility journeys.

Ford’s New Five-Tonne Transit for Construction Firms

When you think commercial vans, it’s fair to say that most of us will think of the Ford Transit. The...

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Why Company Cars are Still Important After Coronavirus

The company car is a benefit for many employees across the country but, with homeworking and virtual meetings now considered...

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5 Ways to Improve Logistics Fleet Driver Safety

Your logistics fleet is a crucial part of your business. Without your fleet, and the individual vehicles and drivers that...

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Transitioning to an Electric Fleet

Commercial vehicles are responsible for 20% of all vehicle-related greenhouse gases, despite only accounting for 5% of vehicles on the...

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How the UK Automotive industry is helping in the fight against COVID-19

The UK, like the world, is living through unprecedented times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown has required unity across...

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How to Look After Your Unused Fleet

Michelin have released advice for fleet managers so they can prepare vehicles to be unused, then maintained whilst left unused...

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