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Top Tips for a Flexible Fleet this Christmas

David Brennan, CEO of Nexus Vehicle Rental, the UK’s leading tech-driven business mobility provider, discusses the top tips for a flexible fleet to limit waste this Christmas.


Collecting, transporting, recycling and disposing of waste requires a wide range of vehicles. This is particularly true in the winter months when as a nation we create even more household waste. UK homes alone accumulate 30 per cent more waste in the Christmas season [1] and inclement weather can increase this tenfold – for example, the 2016 floods generated 30,000 tonnes of additional landfill waste [2].


With concerns about the amount of waste being generated during the festive period, the sector is looking towards a more flexible, efficient and cost-effective way of dealing with the issue. We’re seeing more and more organisations turn to vehicle rental as an attractive option to help keep costs lean and minimise wasted resources this Christmas. However, awareness of the full scope of options available from small vans to HGVs and municipal vehicles is still pretty low.


Flexible Options


As waste management is a deadline-driven industry and quite often changeable depending on the season, it is essential that the right distribution channels are in place and are flexible for customers. Nexus, for example, provides customer access to more than 550,000 vehicles, including 150,000 specialist vehicles and HGVs, providing any vehicle, anytime, anywhere.


With providers offering longer term rental for more than 28 days without a lengthy lease contract, the flexibility this provides is invaluable. Fleet Managers can respond to individual requirements and flex fleets at times when additional support is required, which is essential during the busier winter months.   




Today, rental goes beyond providing just vehicles. It also includes rental management software which can handle all compliance, such as LOLER and PMI – a key, and time-consuming task in the waste management sector. Nexus’ unique rental booking system IRIS allows customers to book vehicles, extend agreements and review business requirements. Within this, the Management Information (MI) suite provides real time data on all areas of rental, including billing data, customer services, fines and damage management.


This technology brings new perspectives to vehicle rental – offering fresh insight and helping to identify trends and areas for improvement. All key mobility data and documentation can be cross-referenced, providing clear and transparent communication between customers and suppliers.


Cost Saving


In terms of cost (particularly around the Christmas period); buying and maintaining specialist vehicles to operate a waste management fleet can be expensive. The use of technology such as IRIS benefits businesses in many ways, for example automatically presenting the most cost-effective solutions. Nexus constantly audits and reassesses its suppliers’ performance to provide the best service levels for customers. In this way, Nexus saves its customers up to 20% on their rental spend each year.


Rental vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for waste management businesses as you can provide a high-quality booking system and service to provide the right tools for the job.  Such a service can provide a wide range of newer and better maintained vehicles, meaning customers can be provided with a high-quality vehicle quickly, which is especially important during the busy winter months.


There are several factors which need to be considered when investigating rental as an option for waste management. Through a tech-enabled, flexible approach, rental should save your business time and money, making it an extremely viable option this festive period.


With all these added benefits, can you afford to ignore a rental solution this Christmas?





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