October 25, 2019 2:53 pm

Nexus has had a long-running partnership with Iceland, the UK’s leading frozen food retailer, since May 2012, working to manage its daily rental needs and provide fleet management support

Iceland employs 23,000 people and provides quality, innovative food at affordable prices. The company required a business mobility provider that could support its major logistics operations, delivering goods to more than 900 stores across the UK.

Nexus was chosen to supply rental provision because of its coverage across the UK, together with its competitive price-point compared to a sole supply through traditional rental providers.

Partnering with Nexus and taking advantage of its unique rental booking and management platform, IRIS, has greatly improved Iceland’s operational effectiveness. IRIS has provided a more streamlined approach to fleet management and cut down administration time, enabling resource to be reallocated in the business, improving profitability.

Nexus benefits Iceland in a number of ways:

James Roberts, Car Fleet Manager at Iceland, said: “Fleet management and partnering with a rental provider has played a significant part in streamlining how we operate across the UK.

“Nexus has reduced our administrative burden and has dramatically reduced our damage costs and parking charges. It also provides a quick turnaround with friendly, knowledgeable staff who help reduce costs rather than upsell.

“Flexibility is important to us and Nexus enables us to flex our fleet in line with demand.  This saves vital time and delivers additional cost savings, providing a smooth logistics and delivery service.”    


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