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Choosing Pickup Trucks Ideal for The UK’s Roads

  Far from the out and out, no-frills work horses of the past, manufacturers of modern pickups have identified the...

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Helping Village Hotels

Village Hotel Club rely on Nexus for both an overall company ‘umbrella’ account and a host of smaller accounts that...

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Volkswagen puts Nexus first

Volkswagen has a well-earned reputation as one of the best, most innovative providers in its field. It prides itself on...

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Sony Aims to Lower Cost of Autonomous Vehicle Technology

  It wasn’t long ago that the idea of self-driving vehicles seemed like a concept that only featured in science...

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Nexus Electrifies Rental with Launch of First Single Source Online EV Booking Platform

Nexus Vehicle Rental the UK’s leading tech-driven business mobility provider, has launched a new dedicated electric vehicle (EV) online rental...

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A Year in the Spotlight

Record revenues As the world enters a new decade and we enter our 20th year of trading, we wanted to...

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