Sourcing the right vehicle
is only the start.

A total solution

We’re not dependent on a single supplier or fleet. Instead, our technology provides the freedom to source the best mobility solution for our customers – every time. With unrivalled buying power, cutting-edge systems and added value services, Nexus can become your strategic mobility partner, and make a real difference to your bottom line.

Raising the standard

Working in partnership with the widest range of trusted UK suppliers, we can deliver any vehicle, anywhere, anytime. Because our technology constantly monitors each supplier’s performance, you’re assured of the highest quality of service every time.

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Saving Customers up to 20% in Rental Costs Icon

We’ll help reduce your rental costs

Damage claims, fuel & fines

Our claim management team will work on your behalf to scrutinise any claim and ensure its validity. Using our revolutionary IRIS technology, we’ll give you access to all relevant documentation and simplify the whole process. Last year alone our innovative system allowed us to reject £1.2 million of claims before they were invoiced to our clients.

Maximum efficiency

A comprehensive reporting suite provides real-time data, enabling you to analyse your rental spend and usage and eliminate any wastage at the click of a mouse or via smartphone. The result? Improved productivity and value for money, with some customers able to reduce expenditure by up to 20%.

Crunching data

Our IRIS management system makes your data work harder than ever. Our technology generates bespoke reports and regular account reviews that help your business identify current and historical trends, areas for improvement and even potential cost savings.
Any Vehicle Anytime Anywhere Icon

We'll add value

Real-world response times

Our No-Turndown guarantee ensures you get the vehicle you need when you need it. With industry leading delivery times, a Fast Response team, out-of-hours service, and a dedicated Account Manager, you can always count on us for a swift reaction.

Driving change

We are more than just a mobility provider and we believe strongly in investing in the future and work hard as a team to deliver innovations. Our unique IRIS software sets the standard for the rental industry and we're working with our partners to provide an eco-friendly fleet and reduce CO2 emissions through our technology.

Demanding more

We’re never satisfied. We’re always looking for ways to develop our systems and our services. That's why we've launched a new real-time MI suite and continue to offer more advanced service & supplier management tools.
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We'll make life easier

Complete compatibility

Whatever your existing systems, our highly experienced IT team offers seamless integration with our IRIS technology. Our dedicated implementation team will also ensure the physical vehicle switch over from your incumbent supplier goes just as smoothly.

Bespoke systems

Our IRIS management software is a white label service and can be easily rebranded and used as a bespoke customer-facing resource, which we can tailor to your exact requirements.

Driver management

To help you control costs we can set up a system of authorised approval for standard and non-standard requests from within your company. Similarly, we can produce individual reports for fines, fuels and damage claims, by driver or cost centre.



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