Our Clients Say Great Things

Volkswagen Leasing

Nexus has supported Volkswagen Group Leasing, Volkswagen Finance's contract hire and fleet leasing arm since 2009.

Nexus handle account management for 77 Volkswagen Group Leasing customers, including most of the UK's NHS trusts, supporting them with Nexus' online booking software. There are 100 car and small commercial vehicle rentals a month on average, typically for an interim supply.

Nexus is involved in all of Volkswagen's products and services including; daily rental, mini-leasing, fleet management, accident management, duty of care, as well as supporting Volkswagen Group Leasing's public sector portfolio. For many publicly funded organisations a fleet of vehicles is crucial for the delivery of community frontline services; with growing pressure to make cuts and meet targets, efficient fleet management is now more important than ever. 

Through Nexus' well-engineered packages, Volkswagen's clients have learned to trust Nexus to minimise vehicle costs and make management and administration easier. Volkswagen Group Leasing have a bespoke version of Nexus' sophisticated online fleet management system for its exact needs including leasing vehicles, in-house fleet administration, driving licence checks, compliance with insurance requirements and MOT management.

Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet Supplier Manager, Marc Hackland, said: "One of the main reasons Nexus is our partner of choice is the vehicle availability. With 2,000 rental locations throughout the UK, this partner gives us and our customers access to half a million vehicles within agreed SLAs. Nobody else has that coverage or volume of vehicles at their disposal."

"Unlike a traditional rental provider, Nexus handles all damage disputes and onward customer account management, ensuring we deliver high customer service standards. With the inclusion of the IRIS system, both Volkswagen Group Leasing and our customers benefit from rental intelligence, vehicle choice and insightful management information all in one complete place."

Debenhams Retail

As one of the UK's best-known retailers, Debenhams owns and operates 178 stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Denmark. Debenhams has a top four market share in womenswear and menswear, and is the eleventh biggest UK online retailer by traffic volume. Debenhams has been a Nexus client since December 2011.

Renting mainly cars and light commercial vehicles, Debenhams look to Nexus for a variety of short term rental needs; for a replacement if a car is off the road for repair or maintenance; when people need to move between sites for training or meetings; and for new staff pending delivery of their company car.

The company makes about 2,000 transactions with Nexus per year and as a multi-site operation, it needs a partner who can cover its national footprint and the varying requirements of every store from Cornwall to Scotland, as well as those of head office, regional managers and circumstances as they occur.

Steve Light, Facilities Controller at Debenhams Retails, said: "Nexus supports our operations by supplying reliable, timely and cost effective short term hire vehicles nationwide and their prices have remained competitive in the market."

"Our nominated staff are able to book their requirements with Nexus directly, over the telephone or online, with both methods being easy and quick to use."

"The Nexus IRIS system enables us to stay in control of our costs by giving access to all hire information online and drilling down to hire specifics as and when we require. Nexus also helps to control damage claims submitted by suppliers. The system is flexible and easy to use and we continue to enjoy a healthy relationship with Nexus."

Carillion Construction

Carillion, a leading support services company, has been a customer of Nexus since 2010. Carillion uses Nexus for managed partner support and short ad hoc rental requirements. The firm has some 1400 vehicles on the road at any one time, and Nexus manages them all. This adds £5 million a year in value to the business.

Nexus needs to routinely react very quickly to short-notice demands, where cars and vans with appropriate kit and safety gear are suddenly needed at site locations.

Nexus administer vehicle supply to Carillion departments, customers and partners. This includes placing bookings, supervising and reconciling any varied instructions throughout the contract. Nexus also manage the relationship between other rental providers, attending to day-to-day processes, responding to queries and resolving disputes. This also involves organising refunds and revised charges and delivering management reports.

Carillion needs a partner that can provide a wide range of customised vehicles and specialist equipment anywhere at short notice - and it values Nexus' ability to do this.

Nexus also ensures all vehicle and driver compliances, due diligence and health & safety demands are met. Nexus' unique online management system will automatically prompt and query bookings that may have special requirements. 

Carillion Fleet Operations Manager, Chris Brown, said: "The Nexus online system sorts each rental out in seconds, controlling costs and giving us high rental management information that allows us to monitor the performance of all rental suppliers and our drivers. It integrates perfectly with our own fleet database." 

Chris added: "Everything about the Nexus offering is geared to the highest standards, most comprehensive services, fastest speeds and optimum ease at the lowest costs. We greatly value its depth of experience and strength of its intelligent IT that allows us to best serve our customers."

Village Hotel Club

Village Hotel Club has carved out a distinctive place in the UK hospitality sector, with an informal style for their guests, diners and gym members. It has built up a strong following for town and city centre breaks, with most of their 28 nationwide locations placed for easy access to both a major city centre and scenic countryside.

Village Hotels uses Nexus for hiring cars which are used for travel to training courses and meetings, as company vehicles for new arrivals, or when theirs are being serviced or repaired.

Nexus has designed a package geared at meeting the differing needs of the various locations that Village Hotel Club have. There is one centrally administered account for tracking, with each hotel having an individual account for their bookings. This managed through the Nexus online management software.

Pam Fitzgerald, Group Purchasing Director at Village Hotel Club said: "The Nexus service is ideal for us. Not only can we get any car we want at any hotel within an hour, the management technology allows us to meet important operational considerations. "

"Because we are a multi-site operation, we need rigorous purchasing control and monitoring. With the online system, we can see which hotels are spending on what and where at the touch of a button -if any data gives us a cause for concern or prompts a few tips on cost savings or other financial efficiencies, we will 'have a word' with managers. Everyone accepts the online system as a useful tool to bring down overheads and raise margins."

Auxillis Credit Hire

Credit hire and claims management provider, Auxillis, has had a partnership with Nexus since October 2008. Nexus works with Auxillis to manage both its core fleet and its highly varied vehicle requirements.

Auxillis core functions include the provision of credit hire and credit repair funding, alongside the management of and access to a comprehensive fleet of hire vehicles. Private motorists not involved in accidents can also arrange daily rentals and weekend hires. Working to such high standards and pointing to an impressive range of specialist services, reputation is vital.

As such, Auxillis needed a partner that operated on a national scale and could support its commitments to comprehensive vehicle replacement choices every single time. Nexus has an unrivalled and geographically spread range, which assists Auxillis with the challenge of dealing with a diverse and widely spread customer base.

Nexus works with Auxillis in two ways. Firstly, as a supplier, sourcing specialist vehicles to supplement Auxillis's owned fleet and secondly, through Nexus' rental booking software that ensures consistency across Auxillis's rental operation.

Auxillis's UK rental operations manager, Patric Riley, said: "We value the instant availability of any car we want and where we want it, and the ease of administration and cost savings that this brings, but what impresses us most is the fact that Nexus has tweaked and adapted its offer to our every individual requirement - going further than other providers can or would."

"We also work closely with the senior management team at Nexus to ensure the system is delivering what we need. This close relationship with the team, together with the unparalleled levels of service we experience, the geographical coverage and comprehensive supply of vehicle rental are all reasons why we choose Nexus."